Ignite Your Mission Retreat

Step Into Your Vision

Share Your Message Freely

Inspire the World

June, 2020

Cape Cod, MA

Ignite Your Mission Retreat

A perfect mix of learning, embodiment and inner reflection

for leaders, visionaries and change-agents

looking to ignite and fully active their soul mission!

Who is this retreat for? (Click to learn more)
  • You are an analytical, critical thinker fascinated by spirituality / woo-woo stuff. You are a Bridgewalker!
  • You identify as a leader, visionary, change-agent
  • You just know there’s a message within you that needs to be shared. But it’s not clear what the message is or you aren’t sharing it freely.
  • You either already have a service-based business or want to start one. (coaching, healing, consulting, speaking, artist etc.)
  • You see this business as your vehicle to spread your message by using your talents, skills, and life experiences.
  • You feel internal pressure, growing sense of inner discomfort that you are not making your contribution to the world, leaving a legacy, making a difference.
  • There’s this knowing that you have more potential, but you are not living up to it.
  • And then there’s frustration and anger with the way things are in the world. Plants and animals are suffering. Injustice, inequality is dividing people. Violence, hunger, diseases aren’t calming down. It makes you frustrated, “What the heck am I doing, when the world is falling apart?”
  • You are not a perpetrator but not being active makes you feel like a bystander.
  • You are afraid that at the end of your life, will you feel you lived your purpose or would you regret that “I could have done more, I could have done something.”
  • You are ready to take action, move forward, and stop playing small immediately.

If this is you, we invite you to join us in an experience that is sure to activate your mission. 

This will be a 5-day retreat with a handful of people just like you. You will leave with an inspired confidence to take action to further your mission, and share your message. 

What to expect at the retreat? (Click here to get the scoop)

This retreat isn’t just another yoga retreat or yet another conference at a fancy venue. 

It’s a perfect mix of learning + embodiment + inner reflection.

I am partnering with a dear friend, Manasi Kakade, who is a business mentor on the surface but really a healer. Her healing modality is business actions. Yes, you heard that right.

She has developed a signature system of 7 Chakra and Business. 

At the retreat she will be teaching, channeled material on 7 Chakra, their impact on our business, and how to heal your Chakra by building a business that expresses your Dharma (your unique way of being) freely. If you have never heard Manasi speak, then know this, her energy will light you up! 

I will be conducting reflection and body movement exercises to solidify what we are learning, in the body.

The retreat will be filled with home-cooked meals for each Chakra, designed and cooked by a loving chef. Kundalini Yoga, meditation, Shake Your Soul Dance, and silent time are all sprinkled in.

The retreat will take place in Cape Cod, USA.

It’s going to be nurturing, inspiring, and fun! You will leave feeling confident about yourself, and your work on the planet.

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