As a life & relationship coach, I guide driven successful professionals and couples struggling to balance health, work and relationships, to master a deeply connected state of calm through aligning body & mind, so their lives can flow with greater health, ease and passion for what they love.

With over 15 years of experience as a body mind oriented psychotherapist, I have counseled many business professionals and entrepreneurs, couples and families in deepening connection and clarity both within themselves as well as with their partners and family members.

Through witnessing my clients and my own personal journey I learnt that lasting transformation rarely happens in only once-a-week, once a month sessions or one time peak experiences, but through a regular practice of body-mind skills, and a willingness to harness new insights.

As a personal coach I offer essential relationship skills and body-mind tools for busy professionals, with the added support of accountability and accessibility in between coaching sessions. This ensures a more engaging and effective transformational journey creating lasting change and setting you up to win. I am also trained as a massage therapist, and I incorporate hands on body work into the coaching process as needed.

I invite you to schedule a FREE 40 min Discovery call with me to learn more and to explore how you can create and seize the relationships and life you are longing for.

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