My name is Zsuzsi Gero. I provide immediate relief from stress and anxiety to heart centered entrepreneurs and those in social careers dealing with health issues, life transitions, work or relationship challenges,  so they can make stress irrelevant, find more love, and boost longevity with ease as they move towards their goals.

Most people focus on mostly external solutions (exercise, pills, money, drinking, partying, watching TV, massage, taking a vacation, diet, working harder, changing jobs or leaving relationships) or suppress their own desires to navigate stress or conflict. While those strategies might help short term, they are just a bandage on a festering problem. The real solution is winning the inner game by tapping the wisdom of both body and mind, and healing yourself from the inside out. That’s where I come in.

As a body mind oriented coach I guide you in dissolving stress, doubt, conflict and help you deepen connection and clarity both within yourself as well as in your professional and personal life. Together we create a safe and nurturing space for you to pause and transform aspects of your mind and body that impact your leadership, personal power, focus, health, and relationships.

What I’ve found is when you slow down

you gain more clarity, and you actually speed up. When you align body and mind you have sustainable success without crashing in stress, overwhelm, and burnout compromising your health or relationships.

While working with me you will learn essential relationship skills and body-mind tools. A regular system of accountability and accessibility in between coaching sessions will support you in transforming challenges and creating lasting change. I am also trained as a massage therapist, and incorporate hands on body work into the coaching process as needed.

I teach
Emotional Awareness and Empathy
Body Awareness (Intuition)
Relationship and Social Skills
Positive Mindset

Authentic Self-expression

to connect you with your body-mind intelligence in a deeper way, so you can make decisions and take actions that are in alignment with your dreams and goals. I do that by activating

The Power of Essential Pauses
Through expert guidance to connect with your mind, embodiment of your happiness, and simple, practical micro-practices that create lasting lifetime impacts

With over 15 years of experience as a psychotherapist I bring deep presence, warm support and keen intuition to my coaching clients so they can increase clarity, inner peace, improve communication and intimacy to create greater happiness and ease in their lives.

I invite you to schedule a FREE 40 min Discovery call with me to learn more and to explore how you can create vibrant health, deeply connected leadership, more love and a thriving life.

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