My name is Zsuzsi (Suzy) Gero. I help successful professionals & leaders excel at what they do through teaching them how to dissolve stress on the go and establish an unshakeable connection to their inner source of wellbeing, to create more fulfilling relationships, empowering communication & charismatic presence.

As a high performer you probably mastered many strategies and tactical activities already to operate at your highest capacity.

Navigating the day to day demands of business, people you serve and work with, along with personal life can be challenging. Your time and energy is precious and often stretched to its max. Adding yet another self-care activity could feel annoying, daunting or may even seem impossible.

That’s why it is so important to develop self-mastery and know how to operate from your inner source of well-being on the go.


Through the Power of Essential Pauses

Book a 50 min possibilities consultation to get a sense of what it’s like to work with me, and to begin connecting with exponential success .

As a body mind oriented coach I guide you in dissolving stress, doubt, conflict and help you deepen connection and clarity both within yourself as well as in your professional and personal life.

Together we create a trusting partnership & nurturing space for you to pause and transform aspects of your mind and body that impact your leadership, personal power, focus, health, and relationships.

I teach you the 3 essential components to leading from your most optimal self

  • You can consistently generate higher levels of wellness in your health and relationships without having to spend hours on your self care practices or a penny on a new product, service or membership. Transformation comes from mini-practices and micro-repetitions
  • You can’t think yourself out of patterns that sit underneath the surface. To be a more dynamic, charismatic and effective leader you have to know how to harness the wisdom of your heart & body, and access your intuition
  • The most effective way to stay in your personal power is to eliminate 90% of what your are currently doing and focus on mastering the multiplicity of the mind


What I’ve found is when you slow down

you gain more clarity, and you actually speed up. When you align body and mind you have sustainable success without crashing in stress, overwhelm, and burnout compromising your health or relationships.

With over 15 years of experience as a psychotherapist I bring deep presence, warm support and keen intuition to my coaching clients so they can increase clarity, inner peace, improve communication and intimacy to create greater happiness and ease in their lives.

Book a 50 min initial consultation to get a sense of what it’s like to work with me, and to begin harnessing invisible needle movers of your success.

I look forward to supporting you.