Would you like a break from the challenges of the world? Are you in need of releasing emotional stress or resolving physical discomfort? Skillful massage is a powerful vehicle of re-connecting with your physical well being, reintegrating the body into your awareness and cultivating a vibrant yet calm presence.

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, my approach is eclectic and customized, with attuned attention to comfort and detail.
I incorporate Swedish, Neuromuscular, Trigger point, Sport, Myofascial and Grigorian massage techniques, to help you both relax as well as to address specific issues.

I currently provide massage on Saturdays in Charlestown, MA at Cut-Splice Hair Salon (197 8th Street #700)

Are you ready to turn your mind off and relax deeply? Are you ready to receive and recharge?

PLEASE NOTE that I’ll be away during May 2023, and will resume massage services in June 2023. I’ll respond to requests upon my return after June 4th.

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Must have massage tools for home

I highly recommend you invest in all or some of these tools to improve your body self-care. While nothing can truly replace an in person massage, releasing tension and follow up care in between sessions are essential in supporting your wellbeing.

Penetrex is my go to pain relief lotion. I often use it when massaging clients with inflammatory joint and muscle conditions. It has a very gentle menthol scent, absorbs well and does not stain. It contains Arnica, Vitamin B6 and Magnesium, which are naturally calming and healing agents that absorb through the skin.

This handheld massage stick gives you an easy way to access hard to reach trigger points and muscle knots. Treating these tender spots provides fast, simple relief for your whole body. When you need relief sooner than your massage appointment comes, this massage tool will come to your rescue.

Plexus Chirp Deep Tissue Wheel is the evolved version of a foam roller, brining you more comfort, ease of use, and greater relief. I love starting and ending my day with a back roll. My back literally chirps as the tiny muscles around my spine release, and I feel more aligned. The small wheel is a great and convenient travel companion.